Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Girl's Best Friend?

From the reports we've heard so far, k9's not going to be sticking around in The Sarah Jane Adventures for long. So, hardly k9 and Company, is it?

We do know that k9 is going to appear in this New Year's Day special, "Sarah Jane Investigates", and is likely to vanish at the end of it. As this is a children's series, the special episode's villian, played by Samantha Bond, is hardly likely to die is she?

No, it's more likely that her character (much like Margaret Slitheen) will redeem herself, and leave a 'new person', likely with k9 in tow. Will Sarah-Jane give up her faithful dog to a more needy cause? This seems to be the most likely sceniro.

No matter what happens (look, we could speculate until next Tuesday - lets not!) k9 won't be appearing in the series proper when it starts transmitting. It's thought that k9's creators Bob Baker and Dave Martin have asked for him to be removed from the show, due to their developing series "k9 Adventures".

That particular series isn't regarded as offical cannon within the Doctor Who universe, and isn't even thought to feature the same k9 as we're currently use to seeing. The cheeky so-and-sos!

Sarah-Jane Smith's new "tin dog" it seems will be 13 year old Maria - her new neighbour. As great as Maria may turn out to be, I'm sure you'll agree that she won't ever be a patch on k9!

We'll keep you up to date on all of the latest k9 Adventures news, as the show progresses through development hell towards broadcast (possibly in late 2007).

We all know how great that silly, camp robotic dog is.

And we'll lement his passing from The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Goodbye old friend...

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