Monday, November 27, 2006

Those Damn Fizzy Drinks...

The BBC Press Office has released information for the entire festive period, and as well as synopsis for upcoming Torchwood episodes, and the Doctor Who special too, the press release states the following about the forthcoming Sarah-Jane special, "The Sarah Jane Adventures":


"Elisabeth Sladen – Doctor Who's former sidekick – is back as Sarah Jane Smith in a brand-new, fast-paced children's drama, created by Russell T Davies and from the makers of Doctor Who. The Sarah Jane Adventures ensures that children never look at fizzy drinks in the same way again...

Sarah Jane is fascinated by Bubbleshock, a strangely addictive organic drink that is taking the world by storm. She is almost oblivious to the arrival of her new neighbour, Maria, a young girl starting a new life with her father.

Maria becomes intrigued by the strange goings on at Sarah Jane's house but, before she can investigate, she's whisked away by her new friend, Kelsey, to the brightly coloured, but sinister, Bubbleshock factory.

As Sarah Jane tries to find out what the mysterious Mrs Wormwood is doing at the factory, Maria and Kelsey embark on a tour which leads them into the path of a monstrous creature and a strange young boy with no name or past.

When Sarah Jane and Maria discover the secret ingredient of Bubbleshock, they realise they are the only ones who can stop Mrs Wormwood and her evil plans for the human race.

Maria is played by Yasmin Page, Kelsey by Porsha Lawrence Mavour, Mrs Wormwood by Samantha Bond and the young boy/Luke by Thomas Knight. "

So, at last we've got some decent information to report upon! The new spin-off is set to air on New Year's Day at 5pm - and from the sounds of it, it sounds like an episode the entire family will enjoy.

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