Friday, November 17, 2006

More Tantalising Details...

The latest issue of DWM, issue 376 (which hit news stands last week) has a small section of news regarding the development of The Sarah Jane Adventures. The magazine confirms:


"The Sarah Jane adventures Special, starring Elisabeth Sladen and Yasmin Paige, and planned for BBC One broadcast in the New Year, has now finished shooting in Cardiff.

Producer Susie Liggat says: 'We're now locked away in the edit, signing off Visual FX shots for the Mill - and we've already got some brilliant images, they've going to look amazing! (Director) Colin Teague has really pulled all the stops out. We're delighted with it, and we can promise something really special to add to the Doctor Who universe. Also, in the cast list, we can now announce Tom Kihjt as "The Boy"' "

The Christmas Schedules are being finalised now - and the christmas listings magazines are expected to go on sale within the next three weeks. It does look like (at the moment) the SJA one-off Special, "Sarah Jane Investigates", will air in the afternoon on New Year's Day - aimed very much at a family audience. Exact TX details will follow when they're made available.
In other news, I'm very sorry about the 'missing' two parts to my "Children's Television" examination. A lack of time has resulted in my being away from the computer for longer than I would like - but I can promise that the articles will appear next week at some point. So keep reading!

Return soon, for all that Sarah-Jane goodness!

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