Saturday, November 18, 2006

What's In A Name?

It's a known fact that Doctor Who fans are referred to as "Whovians" these days. Star Trek fans are "Trekkies". Hell, even Torchwood fans have a title ("Woodies" - thanks to kurly over at Torchwood.TV). So, just what are fans of Sarah-Jane Smith and her forthcoming spin-off called?

It's an essential debate, in days when news is thin on the ground!

There's a competition over at the Outpost Gallifrey forums to find a title, with some of the potentials listed below:

Smithys / Smithies
Smithereens (seriously!)

As you can probably see (!) there's no definite front runner yet. But I'm opting for "Smithies", and it's the title I'm be using more than any other on this site. It's got a nice ring to it, and I love thinking that I'm part of the Smith family!


Please, leave a comment below explaining which of the above is your preferred choice - and if your comments are good enough, they may just tempt me to switching titles!

Until then, see you all soon, Smithies...

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