Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bovvered? Me?!?

The Christmas issue of SFX Magazine is due to be released next week. The magazine's offical site has just released information on the yuletide-themed special.

Apparently, issue 152 "...goes on set and talks to Who producer Phil Collinson about this year’s Christmas special, new children’s spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures, and what season three holds in store for the Doctor and Martha."

There's also an interview with Fourth doctor Tom Baker, who Sarah-Jane travelled through time and space with back in the golden days of the 1970's...

The cover can be seen in all its glory above. The magazine is released on December 20th 2006, priced £3.99. As a subscriber, I'll be extra lucky and get my copy through the post tomorrow - so I'll fill you all in as to what secrets lie inside!

Don't forget that the current issue of Starburst Magazine also covers "The Runaway Bride" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures". It reveals that "Invasion of the Bane" takes place 18 months after the end of "School Reunion" - although you'll have to buy the magazine yourself to see what other beauties it features! Ha - I'm a real wind up aren't I?

With all these magazines coming out - whoever said Christmas 2006 would be a cheap time to be a newly converted Smithie?!?

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