Thursday, December 14, 2006

Previews And Interviews

With the Christmas schedules released at last (see yesterday's post) the previews of all major programming events are now coming in thick and fast. Over at Inside Soap (of all places) there's a quick shout out for The Sarah Jane Adventures:


"Millions of dads turned dewy-eyed in April when Sarah Jane Smith (Elizabeth Sladen) made a brief return to Doctor Who after 30 years. And in autumn 2007, she'll be staring in a show of her own. As a curtain-raiser to that comes this one-off drama... Now living in London, journalist Sarah is researching an addictive fizzy drink that's taking the world by storm. Someone else who's also intrigued is Sarah's next-door neighbour Maria - a young girl who's whisked away to the manufacturer's factory for an encounter of the monstrous kind!' "When the programme makers first contacted me, I thought they were calling about Torchwood," laughs Elisabeth. "Ooh,' I said, 'I'm going to be in the 9pm slot for once!" However, unlike that show, this one is aimed at younger viewers - although nostalgic dads will also be welcome on the sofa!"

Autumn 2007, hey...

Elsewhere the Liverpool Reporter, a newspaper sold within Elisabeth Sladen's home city, recently interviewed our favourite Smith in an exclusive interview. See what Miss Sladen has to say for yourself by clicking here.

Also... oh, wait a minute, that's all we have for today - another of those increasingly annoying slow news days. Damn.

Stay tuned to the site though folks... we have some rather interesting (and cool) features coming your way over the next couple of months, which I think you're going to love...

Of course you'll love them; this is Sarah Jane Smith we're talking about!

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