Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Capturing the Moment

Courtesy of TaraLives On over at the OutpostGallifrey forums, a selection of screencaps from the latest Sarah Jane Adventures trailer is now up online, and can be viewed here.

With transmission now less than a week to go, I've been out shopping especially - to pick up a blank DVD/RW to tape the entire first season upon. Rather strangely, nowhere appeared to be selling the damn things, this close to the January sales. My saviour in the end was - weirdly - one of the two Manchester brances of Waterstones. Why on Earth they're selling DVDs is anybody's guess...

In other news, whilst I was offline during my Christmas Day hiatus, I received a strange little email off of one of my sources, who claims: "The BBC Wales team are looking into incorporating k9 back into the series, rights issues permitted, for at least one more story in 2007. Oh, and expect at least one familiar "face" from Doctor Who's past to make a return appearence. Whether that's a monster or whatnot, I'll leave that up for your readers to decide! Take care jack. If you use this, please source me as "Sullivan"."

So, the show might not be finished with k9 after all. Alas, this doesn't explain why the trailers show k9 floating around (supposedly) in space, but heyho. I'll be back later on in the week with yet more news surrounding the series launch, so watch this space...
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