Monday, December 25, 2006

Trailer Time!

For lucky viewers, the brand spanking new Sarah Jane Adventures trailer played just before the special Doctor Who Confidential .... luckily I caught it on DVD (but haven't had the chance to scrutinise it)!The trailer also played after this evening's "Runaway Bride" screening - back-to-back with the latest Torchwood finale advert too! It shows a number of new "creatures" (see below) as well as the iconic image of k9 in space. Now, you don't get that anywhere else, do you?!?

Here's hoping you've all had a fantastic Christmas day. Did you all get the presents you wanted most of all? I did - the Pan household is now the proud owner of K9 .... a nice big remote controlled one!

If you lot are lucky (and I'll have to be careful how I word this) I might find time to photograph myself playing with the metal mute - so stay tuned!

Wishing you well...

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