Friday, December 01, 2006

December Countdown

Today's another of those increasingly annoying 'slow news' days regarding "The Sarah Jane Adventures"; but fear not, because exactly one month today - New Year's Day 2007 to be exact - the series will debut on BBC One television (to all our delight!).

In the meantime, as the final countdown begins, you could head on over to the offical BBC Doctor Who site,who every day throughout December, in the lead-up until Christmas, have a special advent calender; with a new door opened every day.

What's behind each door is very much a mystery, but it's thought to include videos and pictures from both Doctor Who's "Runaway Bride" and SJA's January 1st Special...

Surely it can't be too long now until we see the first - vital - offical picture from the series? Come on BBC Wales, stop keeping us all on tender hooks!

So, keep watching this space! Until next time Smithies everywhere...
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