Saturday, December 02, 2006

Of Course (It's Sarah-Jane)

Talking to a few friends recently we got talking about all things Torchwood - and as discussing turned to my site, and my friends demanded to know how the hell I find time to write for it, I brought up the topic of my new site, the very lovely Sarah-Jane.TV (which you're reading right now!) and instantly, I was the coolest guy around.

It seems my friends know who Sarah-Jane Smith is, despite not really being fans, and were intrigued by the idea of her having her own spin-off. Unlike Captain Jack Harkness, not one of my friends hate the character; which got me thinking.

Almost twelve months ago, I was sat on Manchester's infamous Metrolink (think the London Underground, but not underground - and a zillion times more friendlier). Talking to my girlfriend about Sarah's (then) imminent return to Doctor Who, I was overheard by some middle-aged men, who then started their own convbersations about classis Who companions like Sarah-Jane, Zoe, and - of course - Jo Grant. And you know what? They only had good things to say.

After "School Reunion" had aired, over the summer months, I visited Manchester's Forbidden Planet store to pick up a copy of Joss Whedon's exellent Astonishing X-men (truly a great read - pick up it up next time you're out for comics). Whilst I was there I saw something extraordinary: a children, no older than seven, out shopping with his parents. She was looking at the Doctor Who range of action figures, and bemoaning the fact that there was no Sarah-Jane doll. Her mother offered to buy her a Rose figure, but the girl refused; insisting on a Sarah-Jane doll and nothing else.

So, what have I learnt from the three very different encounters? Well, Sarah-Jane seems to have touched audiences everywhere in a way that even Billie Piper hasn't. She's a character who's lasted the test of time; a recognisable face from within a British Institutiuon. She's within the subconsious of children and adults everywhere, and she'll never lose her popularity.

When asked if SJA will be a hit on screen, I'll always answer 'yes' - for the very reasons given above. How could the British public not love such an endearing character?

Come January, you'll see. Children and adults everywhere will be under the spell of Elisabeth Sladen's Sarah-Jane Smith. She'll have us on the edges of our seats, and I'm betting anything that she'll be just as popular as Doctor Who.

Roll on New Year!
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