Thursday, December 21, 2006

Live and Kicking

As previously reported, the all new offical Sarah Jane Adventures site has launched, and BBCi has packed in lots of goodies for Smithies everywhere to enjoy.

There's a tour of Sarah's loft area by none other than Mr. Smith himself (he rocks, doesn't he?). The robot is controlled by a super delux power crystal. He comes from an alien world - and can access any computer on planet Earth. Although he comes with two levels of security, Sarah Jane can only access level one (because Mr. Smith's creators only allow members of their own race access to level two, apparently!).

Mr. Smith allows access to several "personal data" files; that explain who Team Smith are in greater detail than ever before. They read:

Sarah-Jane Smith: "Investigative journalist and former companion of the Doctor and ex-traveller in space and time. Sarah Jane lives alone at 13 Bannerman Road, Ealing. The neighbours whisper; some swear they've seen this local lunatic talking to aliens."

Maria: "13 years old. Maria has just moved to 12 Bannerman Road, Ealing with her dad Alan, who divorced from her mum Chrissie four months ago. Life's fairly normal; until the day she meets Sarah Jane."

Kelsey: "Loves: Her mates, Hollyoaks, her phone, Bubble Shock!. Hates: weird people, old people, science-fiction."

Luke: "No information is available regarding this person. He does not exist. "

You can also download wallpaper galleries of all the SJA cast and discover "top secret" information about SJA aliens - but only once the series has aired!

Elsewhere, the 'alien objects' section lets visitors see "Sarah Jane's collection of alien objects includes artifacts from Earth as well as other worlds. Discover more about the objects by watching the video factoids." Interseting stuff (when the real time video actually plays!).

The area marked "Sarah's PC" allows readers to access pictures of Sarah Jane, the Doctor and k9 too. There's also files and emails on the mysterious Bubbleshock drink; which (as all Smithies will know) Sarah Jane is currently investigating...

Other top secret areas include files on Deffry Vale School (from this year's "School Reunion" adventure) and a rather dull telescope that doesn't seem to possess much life at present. I'm sure that change post New Year's Day...

Sadly readers outside of the UK cannot currently access the site (for "rights reasons" we're informed) but that's sure to change once the series is sold abroad.

Fingers crossed...

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