Friday, December 08, 2006

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

It's another day so full of potential; as the publicity machine for the SJA turns ever so slightly again. DigitalSpy's "Tube Talk" column revealed that its writer, Neil Wilkes, has already seen the episodes and he fills us in on some vital scoop. LOOK AWARE SPOILER-PHOBES!

"I saw amazing things out there in space. But there's strangeness to be found wherever you turn. Life on Earth can be an adventure too - you just need to know where to look," says Sarah Jane as she returns to the world of Who as the star of her own spinoff. Although this series has been billed as appealing to a kiddie audience, it will almost definitely please classic Who fans as it could just as easily play out as an episode from the regular series. The only real difference is that SJ's band of helpers are kids, making the whole thing a bit Demon Headmaster (Jack Straw's old job before he ascended to government). The pilot follows SJ investigating a suspicious company that sells 'Bubble Shock' drinks. And guess what... there's a Mr Smith on the scene! The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures airs New Year's Day at 4.50pm on BBC One

Hmm, a "Mr. Smith". It looks like, following the events of "School Reunion", Sarah-Jane has truly moved on with her life; and found out what she (not the Doctor for once) is really capable of of. You go girl!

In other news, newspaper columnist (and so-called television critic) Garry Bushell has bemoaned the state of the Christmas schedule; and one of the programmes under his radar of attack is "The Sarah Jane Adventures". We sense slight sarcasm when he talks about the little people watching this Doctor Who spin-off... You can read the 'informative' (not) article here.

I've never been a fan of Garry Bushell. Can you tell?

And from what I've heard in reports, a teaser trailer for "The Runaway Bride" Christmas special airs before either Eastenders or Robin Hood. Which means one thing... the trailer for the Sarah Jane Adventures can't be too far away either!

My fingers are offically crossed...
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