Saturday, December 23, 2006

Trailing Behind

Last night Shaun Lyon of OutpostGallifrey fame posted on his site information regarding the forthcoming Sarah Jane Adventures trailers. His sources have informed him that they will air on BBC One at the following times:

Monday 25 December - 8.00pm
Tuesday 26 December - 11.53am
Thursday 28 December - 5.05pm
Friday 29 December - 11.42am

This means that immediately following "The Runaway Bride" we'll bare witness to our first SJA trailer - suggesting that the BBC want to capture a large chunk of Doctor Who's audience for the SJA New Year's Day premiere. Go them!

I'll set the video recorder now; because I can guarentee that these trailers won't ever see the light of day on any forthcoming SJA DVD release...

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