Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why we love Sarah Jane

First, I'd like to thank jackharkness for sending me a new invite, so I can contribute to while slowly converting my other blogs to the new blogger. ;) Thank you!!!

Second-this entry was inspired by an interview with Gareth Roberts that I read from an issue of DWM a couple of weeks ago. Some of the things he said about her character are things I've been saying all along, so I thought that the eve before the premiere of Invasion of the Bane would be the perfect time to share. :)

I've always thought Sarah Jane was cool-she's smart, kind, got spunk, daring, sensitive, has a sense of humor, and an unusual dress sense-whatever she wore, no matter how bizarre it might have looked to us from the younger generation of fashion, always seem to work (well, ok, most of the time. ;) ) Also, how many companions have a website dedicated to what they wore in the series? :-D

I particularly liked the banter that she and the Doctor shared on many occasions-one of my favorites is from Pyramids of Mars-when she and the Doctor were talking about the Doctor being 'middle aged'. the Doctor: '...I am a Time Lord..' Sarah (in exaggerated tones): 'Yes, I know...' (with a mock-sad look on her face, draping the hankerchief over her head.) Speaking of silliness, there have been several amusing moments involving Sarah-Jane-like when she stuck her tongue out at Broton as he leaves the library in Terror of the Zygons, and when she blows a raspberry (for lack of a better explanation of what she did) at the Doctor in the Brain of Morbius.

Sarah's got guts. She pulled a gun on Miss Winters in Robot; in Planet of the Spiders, she went out after the machine the Doctor needed, even after being warned that she'd be killed if the Eight-legs caught her (that was one of the strongest memories I had from that episode when I saw it as a child). She was even willing to help someone she didn't know while temporarily blind (the Brain of Morbius). The Doctor once referred to her as being 'rather head-strong'. Perhaps, but you can bet she wasn't just thinking of herself all those times.

These are only a few reasons-I could probably go on and on, but if I don't stop soon, you'll probably be reading this all night, and miss the show! LOL. ;) So I'll just sum it all up with three words: Sarah Jane rocks.

(yay, Sarah Jane!)
Happy New Year!!!!
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