Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Ratings Are In...

Yesterday's debut screening of "Invasion of the Bane" secured a (rather average) rating of 2.9 Million viewers - enough for the programme to be beaten in the ratings by the 2175th showing of Dick Van Dyke's "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". So, not entirely the best possivble news is it?

To make it worse, it looks like of that 2.9 Million, only 0.4 Million of them were children watching. Of course, overnigh figures are never exactly accurate - and don't represent every single home within the UK. But, from the sounds of things, it looks like The Sarah Jane Adventures isn't nessecarily "children's television"...

In other news, I'm hearing rumblings that "Invasion of the Bane" is set for a Saturday evening / Sunday afternoon repeat on the CBBC Channel some time in January. We'll post more on this apparent news story as soon as we learn more.

To reassure readers, the sries proper of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" is scheduled to begin filming mid-way through April (which would suggest that the series is set to air around June/July - or if the beeb want to, it could very well be held back until the Autumn schedules in September). The scripts are no doubt being written right now - so as soon as information is released, Sarah-Jane.TV will be straight on the case!

Finally on the news front, as we enter 2007 there's still no news on the latest K9 series, "K9 Adventures". Sources have suggested that the series is likely never to be made, and will fall through during pre-production. This can only be good news for "The Sarah Jane Adventures" - where K9 is currently locked away inside a safe (apparently in deep space) attempting to close a black hole. Altogether now... "Poor K9!" We, as viewers, want the metal mute back just as much as Sarah Jane does.

Now, just like in October when Torchwood debuted, I feel immensely proud to be associated with such a fantastic new series. Yesterday, I was literally on the edge of my seat throughout "Invasion of the Bane" - and I'm not even part of the demographic for the series! Honestly, Sarah Jane didn't let me down one bit, and I can't wait until the new series debuts later in the year.

It's going to be a blast - and I'm really going to enjoy taking you faithful readers along for the ride...

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