Monday, January 01, 2007

Folks, The Bane Are Coming...

At last, after a wait that seems to have laster forever, New Years Day is upon us - which means one thing; it's time to roll out the party poppers and paper hats as "The Sarah Jane Adventures" debuts on BBC One.

Effectively a pilot episode for an entire 10 part series set to follow later in the year, the special (titled "Invasion of the Bane" don't you know) sees Sarah Jane Smith, older and wiser following "School Reunion", meet 13 year old Maria. The pair team together to investigate the mysterious Bubbleshock drink that's taken the whole of Britain by storm. Without the Doctor around, and k9 away on a mission for the Time Lord, it's up to Sarah Jane and her new friends to save the day...

The special airs at 4:50pm on BBC One - be there or be square. After you've watched it, why not head over to its handy brand spanking new episode guide and leave your thoughts and reactions?

Alternatively, you can sign up to Sarah-Jane.TV's new forum, and talk to Smithies across the world. Be warned though, it's surprisingly addictive, and likely to turn even the most lightweight television viewer into a hardcore Smithie!

Enjoy the show folks, and I'll see you all very soon; when we'll turn our attention to the 10 part series that's set to follow later this year.
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