Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sarah Jane Smith - 24/7

Folks, she did it. Brandon Tempany, aka OutpostGallifrey's "Sarah Jane Smith", has been watching all of the classic SJA Adventures over the weekend - and now that her marathon is over, Brandon wants to share her experiences with SJ.TV readers! Over to you Brandon...

You asked me to share my experience, so here it is.

3 days, 20 episodes, 2 spin off's, 1 Sarah Jane fan, and a Robot Dog!

I’m telling you now, its hard work watching that many episodes of Doctor who; it was fun though, once you get past the three episode hump you’re on your way (the three episode hump by the way means that the first three episodes are the hardest ones to watch but after that you’re fine).

It took longer than I thought it would actually. I sometimes forget that the episodes back then aren’t like they are now, you take a single four parter serial and watch it that’s a full hour gone, not like the 45 minute single episodes you have now but I was determined to watch them all and dammit I did it! Actually I fell asleep halfway through The Brain of Morbius but I didn’t cheat I went back and watched it again, and I got a bad stomach ache halfway through day one but I still persevered.

Now if you’re asking yourself why any person would want to spend 3 days watching nothing but Sarah Jane well I’ll tell you why, Sarah Jane is in my opinion the best companion on Doctor Who ever! She is cool, she’ smart, and on some occasions she’s more on the ball than the Doctor, she’s actually so great I cant find the right words to say about her, but here’s a few things I’ve noticed about her from her episodes that I think make her the best companion ever:

1: She came up with the capture plan in "The Time Warrior"
2: She figured out who was behind the dinosaurs in "Invasion of the dinosaurs"
3: She was nice to the retarded Tommy ["Planet of the spiders"]
4: She felt sorry for the big robot ["Robot"]
5: She crawled through the conduit and saved everyone ["Ark in space"]
6: She organised the escape plot in "Genesis of the daleks" [although she did get a lot of people killed]
7: She managed to shoot the blasting gelignite on the big pyramid, ["Pyramids of mars"]

8: She didn’t drink the wine Solon gave her because she knew it was drugged ["Brain of Morbius"]
9: She knew Eldrad couldn’t be trusted even though the Doctor said everything was fine. ["The Hand Of Fear"]
10: She can make some of the most ridiculous outfits look amazing
11: She adopted the archetype. ["Invasion of the bane"]

And if that’s not enough here’s one more thing: she’s kept going. Yes the doctor left, and yes she was heartbroken, but she kept on going - and look at her now. She’s still investigating and she’s doing better than ever! She was right in "Invasion of the bane"; she’s changed, and so has the Doctor... yet she’s still that same plucky young journalist we saw in "The Time Warrior" and she’s still as amazing as ever.

My Favourites from the weekend.

Favourite Adventures:

5: The Time Warrior
4: Pyramids of mars
3: The Hand of fear
2: School reunion
1: Invasion of the Bane

Favourite Moment:
5: Sarah gets stuck in the Smarties tube [Pyramids of Mars]
4: Sarah gets stuck in the conduit, [The Ark in space] she does get stuck in things a lot doesn’t she?
3: Sarah climbing the scaffolding and falling off, [Genesis of the daleks]
2: Sarah and Rose bitch fighting and then laughing about the Doctor [School reunion]
1: Sarah driving a bus through a wall, [Invasion of the bane],

Favourite Outfit:
5: White Victorian dress [Pyramids of mars]
4: Funky Jumper and shorts [Genesis of the daleks]
3: Brown Suit [The Time Warrior],
2: Stripy Dress and Cardigan [Invasion of the bane]
1: Andy Pandy Overalls [The Hand of fear],

Favourite Line:
5: "Nonsense Brigadier, you're a swinger!” [Robot]
4: "My Ankles aren’t thick!" [Revenge of the cybermen]
3: "Mrs Wormwood, I’d rather die", [Invasion of the Bane]
2: “Eldrad must live! [The Hand of fear]
1: “Life on Earth can be an adventure too; you just need to know where to look”. [Invasion of the Bane].

Favourite K9 Moment:
5: K9 Trying to sing [K9 and company]
4: K9 and Brendan talking computer speak [K9 and company]
3: K9 doesn’t understand Gnomes, “Garden Goblin not in my memory” [K9 and Company]
2: K9 in the black hole [Invasion of the Bane],
1: K9 sacrificing himself, “You bad dog”, “Affirmative!” [School Reunion]

Worst Adventures:
5: Death to the Daleks - this episode is so slow and she's such a whimpering idiot in this one; the only good bit in it is when we see her in a bikini at the start.
4: Terror of the Zygons - didn’t like this one, it was confusing and a bit slow.
3: The Planet of Evil - slow and a bit boring, but I do like her outfit.
2: Monster of Peladon - there’s no reason for this serial to be a six parter, it goes on for way too long.
1: The Five Doctors - I don’t get it, this guy Rassilon is kidnapping the doctor and his companions to turn them into action figures??!

It certainly sounds like Brandon had a real experience watching the episodes. She watched over 2000 minutes of television in one sitting (rather her than me!) and whereas some might think she's a little nutty for doing so, Sarah-Jane.TV loves the fact that she's so dedicated to the cause.

In recognition of her achievement I bestow the title of "Affirmative, Brandon" upon her! That's it for now true believers - don't forget to email me if you ever have anything interesting to post for other Smithies across the globe to read and enjoy!
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