Friday, January 12, 2007

The Marathon Weekend

As the wait for the full Sarah Jane series begins, one fan (or "Smithie") over at Outpost Gallifrey has found the perfect way to occupy their time; this very weekend they're having a Sarah Jane marathon - where they'll watch every adventure that Sarah Jane Smith has had on television, from "The Time Warrior" all the way through to "Invasion of the Bane". That's a solid 2000 minutes of screen time!

We wish the viewer, who has the perfect user name "Sarah Jane Smith", the best of luck in their mission. You can read all about the marathon here. And if "SJS" is reading, feel free to share your marathon experience with SJ.TV here.

Now, over the past couple of weeks a number of Sarah Jane related articles have hit news stands across the UK. As previously reported (by fellow reporter peter-pan) this month's "Cult Times" magazine features a Susie Liggit interview - as well as a Sarah-tastic front cover, which you can see above. Cult Times #135 is out now; priced £3.99.

Elsewhere, issue 346 of Starburst Magazine features a cool Colin Teague interview, where the man discusses his work on both Sarah Jane and Torchwood. He then looks ahead to the future to talk a little (!) about his upcoming work on Doctor Who's third season finale. The man is absolutely chuffed at being the first director to woirk on all three "Whoniverse" shows - and is no doubt awaiting the day he shoots "K9 Adventures"*

Also from visimag comes the 211th issue of TV Zone - featuring an interview with the top talent, Elisabeth Sladen. There's also a look ahead to the forthcoming shows of 2007 - which includes the likes of Shameless, Jekyll and the final Life on Mars. You can pick the magazine up for a respectable £3.99.

Finally, the next issue of SFX Magazine is due for release next week, and features some nifty k9 badges (along with Captain Jack Harkness ones too!). There may - or maynot - be a review of The Sarah Jane Adventures inside - but whether there is or not, one thing's for sure, the magazine will be a damn good read (and free badges; who am I to complain?!?).

It's been a pleasure folks. 'Till next time...

*Relax - we wouldn't really put Colin through that torture...

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