Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Slow News Is No News

Over the past week or so I've hit something of a dilemma; in that there's been absolutely no news regarding "The Sarah Jane Adventures" or "K9 Adventures" to report. It seems that the BBC are keeping mum on the series proper until filming starts in Mid-April.

Which leaves me with a huge problem: just what do I talk about here on SJA.TV? This is, primarily, a news and resource site for the series - only it's hard to run a news site when there's no news to actually report. So please, bare with us over the next couple of weeks if news is a little thin on the ground. Honestly, it's not our fault!

Moving swiftly on, I 've got great news for anybody who's contacted me regarding screencaps of "Invasion of the Bane". Over at OutpostGallifrey, TaraLivesOn has kindly posted some neat images for us all to enjoy (go Tara!) and it's my great honour to share them with you now. So, click here for all that screencap madness (or else I'll send K9 round...).

Elsewhere the online fanzine Shockeye's Kitchen has posted a detailed review (mostly positive) of the New Year's Day episode. You can read the full report by clicking here. Don't be afraid of old Shockeye - as the Sixth Doctor learnt back in "The Two Doctors" the most he'll do is eat you!

Finally, tomorrow will see a neat little post; a collection of tibits (or little known facts) about SJA from the pages of DWM. Like for instance, did you know... No, you'll have to wait! Besides, tomorrow's not that far away. Is it?

Thanks for sticking with the site guys and gals, and I can promise some neat things to come, once the production is up and running. I hope you'll be back Smithies - because for Sarah Jane Smith and a small band of friends, there's a whole world of adventure to be discovered.

And news too, if the BBC ever get round to releasing any...

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