Friday, January 26, 2007

We Beat Torchwood!

Thanks to "Marcus" over at OutpostGallifrey we now have final ratings for "Invasion of the Bane" - the New Year's day episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures".

"The final ratings for "The Sarah Jane Adventures" has been confirmed as 2.92 million viewers, which was 15% of the television audience.

Of that audience 44% was male and 56% female.

16% of the total was under 16, giving a children's audience of 465,000 which was 19% of children watching.Of the children 51% were boys and 49% girls. 25% were between 4 and 6, 39% between 7 and 9, 23% between 10 and 12 and 14% between 13 and 15.

Final figures are much more accurate than the initial overnights and include viewers who recorded the programme and watched it within seven days."

Which means one thing - we beat Torchwood's ratings! We're now the most successful spin-off from New Who! It's just such a shame that we're still overshadowed by "K9 And Company". How the hell that show managed 8 million is anybody's guess...
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