Monday, February 12, 2007

Doing The "Robot"

Tom Baker's a crafty man. During the DVD commentary for his final adventure, "Logopolis" (which features a brief cameo by Elisabeth Sladen) the man behind the Fourth Doctor revealed that the day before he'd recorded a commentary for his debut adventure; season twelve's "Robot".

The adventure picks up where "Planet of the Spiders" left off, and features the newly regenerated Doctor come to terms with his new body. At the same time, Sarah Jane Smith is busy, investigating a local "Robot" - a being that's not exactly what it appears to be. Think King Kong (on a BBC budget) with a metal skin. And still, you're expectations are too high.

What's not known is whether Elisabeth Sladen is on the commentary or not. It'd be nice to think she was, and as the adventure is one of the only serials both Tom Baker and Nicholas Courtney appeared in together, it's a great opportunity to have Baker, Sladen and Courtney speaking together.

No release has been announced for the DVD - and it could still be years before we see it hit stores across the land ("The Keeper of Traken" took three years, once it's commentary was recorded). Don't hold your breath for any announcement soon - and the same applies to the "Planet of Evil" or "The Time Warrior" DVD that we've already discussed on these pages.

Whatever the case, the DVD should be a fitting tribute to Ian Marter, who makes his debut as Harry Sullivan here. The actor died in 1986, and is sorely missed.
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