Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Something Afoot in Cardiff (Maybe...)

I have just returned from my nearest supermarket, you know the one - where the staff walk about slapping their back pockets, in Coryton, Cardiff .... and saw some peculiar signs on my way there.

Ok, need to give you a bit of background here .....

Coryton Interchange is a stupidly large roundabout where the A470 and the M4 meet. Its the main junction from the M4 (and hence most of the UK) to come into Cardiff. Its also the best junction to use if you are heading from the M4 to Upper Boat, but that's by the by on this occasion.

Said Supermarket if a turn off of this roundabout.

And today, nearly every lamp post has a yellow sign stuck on with red writing saying just one word .... UNIT. I would provide picture evidence, but as I was alone and driving, it would have been extremely irresponsible of me to be using my mobile. See - informative and educational. Only the best stuff here you know.

Now, this may be totally non SJA/Who related .. or it could be a clever way the producers are giving directions to people who are required for filming! If anyone can confirm one way or the other, please let us know in the comments!

Plus, the official BBC Doctor Who has also now listed the DVD release for Robot, but says it will 28th May ..... which will be a bank holiday Monday, so I would say that Friday 25th may be a more likely date (as reported by our Cap'n). No cover art there as yet but you can guarantee one of us here at Sarah-Jane.tv will let you know as soon as it is released!
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