Monday, February 26, 2007

It's DVD (Not A Tea Coaster)

Here's an interesting story; I never bought "Robot" on VHS, yet it still sits on my shelf. A week after borrowing it from the local library, I was surprised to see the place shutting its doors for the last time - and, well, I kept the VHS copy I'd borrowed. What?!? It's not like they're going to miss it any time soon (but if they did somehow track me down, imagine the 'overdue' charge!)

Thanks to our friends over at Doctor Who Online, we now have official confirmation that "Robot" is set for a DVD release later in the year (May 25th to be exact). Rather shockingly, Colin Baker's "Timelash" follows the month after - but it's best we don't talk about that. For all our sakes.

Although it's currently unknown if the DVD will be a "standard" or "delux" addition (as the Doctor Who DVDs now come) it's likely that, given the fact that this is Tom Baker's debut adventure, it's going to be a worthwhile delux edition. On the commentary for "Logopolis" Tom Baker revealed that he'd recorded a commentary for this story - possibly with either Elisaveth Sladen or director Christopher Barry.

Now that the DVD is coming out, what do you say I finally get around to returning that VHS edition of the story? Nah, it's more of an ebay job...
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