Sunday, February 25, 2007

March, Here We Come!

Firstly let me begin this post with a small piece of site news. It's with deep regret that I report that one of's contributers, "raxacoricofallapatorius" has been removed from the site indefinately. It was ultimately a hard decision to make; but after several of his recent posts (one of which described this very site as "aimless" and "directionless") I've decided that, in's interests, it's best to have him off of the site. But don't fret, because you've still got me! Not much of a consolation I know, but still...

Right, down to some proper news now. I'm hearing from several sources that Doctor Who returns to BBC One on March 24th - and to promote the occassion the CBBC Channel has (tentative) plans to repeat "Invasion of the Bane" the week before. This is great news for a good few of you who failed to watch or record the SJA pilot the first time round. Second chances rule don't they?

Talking of "...Bane", the episode was recently reviewed in SFX Magazine and received a very cool 4 and a half stars out of a possible five. The review's writer, one Nick Setchfield, calls the episode "a superior piece of kid's telly" and describes Elisabeth Sladen as "immortally sexy". Who are we to disagree then?!?

In little over six weeks time, filming is scheduled to begin on the series proper of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" so expect a heavy amount of news to surface in the coming weeks. Until then, bare with us all at as we cope with a distinct lack of news related items! After all, it's not our fault the mean guys and gals over at the BBC are given us nothing to report, is it?

Spoil the fun, why don't you?

See you all soon.
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