Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nobody Likes Delays

As we've already reported, last weekend Elisabeth Sladen took part in the "SF Ball" in Bournemouth city; and one of our readers, Clare Sopey, was in attendence - and has just emailed me with some bad news about "The Sarah Jane Adventures":


"Hi Captain, went to the SF Ball in Bournemouth last Saturday. Thought you might like to see enclosed pic of Elisabeth Sladen on stage (above). She was really lovely; but said the "Sarah Jane Adventures" is delayed because of production problems on Torchwood. Regards, Soaps."

The series was supposed to begin filming in April; but where these 'production problems' leave filming now is anybody's guess. Unless BBC Wales get their act together real fast, we might have a longer wait for the SJA than we originally thought.


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