Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sarah-Jane's Face Lift

No, the news isn't as bad as it sounds. The lovely Miss Sladen hasn't succumb to cosmetic surgery. Oh no, far from it (lets face it, she doesn't need a face lift does she? I hope I look that good at 59!). Instead, I'm referring to this very site, which has itself undergone a tranformation.


A few weeks ago I asked for suggestions on how I could improve these pages, and I got a fair few responces. A lot of you wanted to see "lighter and friendlier" colours; and ones that reflected the very feminine side of Sarah Jane Smith. So this is what I come up with.

It's a mix of light pinks and whites - and is a real contrast to the dark brooding colours of At the top of the page, we have a nice, simple logo - written in Courier New font to reflect Sarah-Jane's life as a journalist (as that's the font most type writers produce, don't you know!) All in all I believe the new look perfectly captures the spirit of the all new Sarah Jane Adventures.

And I hope it meets your approval.
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