Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bonnie About Clyde?

As I observed in yesterday's post, a recent rambler on the Sarah Jane Adventures set spotted a name on the make-up van's doors, next to the likes of "Sarah Jane", "Maria" and "Luke". The name? Clyde of course! The big question is, is Clyde the name of Sarah Jane's new 14 year old friend?

At first sight, Clyde is a very old fashioned name - and one that we'd associate with 70 year old men (no 'fence to any Clyde's reading who might be under 70, and with their own hips remaining!) The fact that the episode that's currently being recorded - "Adventure Two" - is set in an old person's home is further proof (maybe) that Clyde isn't our guy.

Of course, Russell T Davies has a knack of using 'old' names. "Rose" anybody? Or even "Martha"? I mean, when was the last time you met a young Martha - but still, RTD decides to use the name for Freema Agyeman's character. So, is "Clyde" the new "Martha"? Is it Davies' attempt at re-inventing the name for 21st century kids?

Guess we'll find out soon enough. I hear that the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine (out a week on Thursday) will spill the beans on the casting of SJA's new guy - and will reveal the name of the character he's playing.

One thing's for sure; if "Clyde" is the kid's name, it's suddenly gonna become a popular name with new mothers across the land. Long live Clyde!
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