Monday, April 23, 2007

Seeing Is Believing

Thanks to Scooty over at OutpostGallifrey's SJA forum, we've some photo shots taken from last week's location filming around Egerton Grey Hotel in Barry (Portkerry) and the location base in Cwm Ciddy Tavern.
Enough of me - you want to see those pictures, so who am I to disappoint?

If you look closely on that fourth and last photo, you can just about make out Sarah Jane's car in the right hand photograph. You can find more of the pics over at OutpostGalifrey by clicking here.

If you have any photos of the location filming, you can send them to me at the usual address.

UPDATE: A sign of the make-up van doors reveals the names of two characters: "Clyde" and Adventure Two's baddie, "The Abbess". There's a possibility that Clyde could very well be the new 14 year old male regular. Let the speculation begin!

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