Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Posting Potential Pleasent Posters!

I've been slaving away (like normal) on at work all this week .... and have so far had to keep quiet about it! Don't ask me how, because anybody who knows me knows that it's not in my job description to keep quiet! I'm as loud as they come!


However, I've just been given permission from my *ahem* contact at the Western Mail to confirm that starting Saturday April 21st (and for the following week) they will be giving away exclusive, glossy posters featuring Doctor Who heroes and villains!

Now, what I can't get out of them - and believe me I've tried - (i.e. they're all secretive about the project!) is exactly which characters are set to appear. I think the Doctor and Martha are a given. From the back and forth I have had with them sorting out copy for the radio ad I would strongly expect Judoon, Daleks, Cybermen, Clockwork robots (Moffat's genius) and K9. Anybody else?

Well, surely if K9 is there who would look best by his side? (Whoever just said The Doctor, get out right now!). I'm talking about Sarah Jane Smith, all the way here folks! She'd be the perfect companion for K9 on any given poster (and the best way of reminding Western Mail readers about "The Sarah Jane Adventures" too; which by that point will once more be filming in and around Cardiff city!) Maybe the poster would look a bit like the example given here?

Of course there is only one way to find out... and that does involve lots of painful digging around inside your wallets (or purses - hey I'm not judging!) So, if you're the cheap kind who doesn't want to splash out on a week's worth of Western Mail newspaper, get hold of anyone you know in South Wales and make sure they keep the damn things for you!

And no, jackharkness, I have no plans to buy them for you before you ask!

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