Saturday, April 07, 2007

Inside the Mind of Mr. Roberts

Tonight, on BBC One, Gareth Roberts gets to do something that he's no doubt been waiting to do since his childhood; write for Doctor Who - and it's big, proper Doctor Who he's writing this time, not another silly TARDISODE or a 15 minute red button mini-sode. Proper Doctor Who, with Shakespeare included.

Looking over the writer's career (which includes co-creating "The Sarah Jane Adventures") it's not hard to see the appeal of Robert's writing. His Virgin "New Adventure" writing in the 1990's (which included the likes of "Tragedy Day", "Zamper" and the Fourth Doctor adventure "The Well Mannered War" - available as a free ebay here) is seen by some as the funniest and strangest work that the brand turned out.

The man's also wrote Emmerdale, Brookside and Coronation Street (so he knows his soap operas!). His wikipedia page also reveals that he collaberated on 1990's hit comedy series "The Fast Show" - and though I'm not a fan, friends insist the series was comedy gold; so who am I to report otherwise?

Before landing his writing gig on the SJA, Gareth has joked he "stalked Russell T Davies for days" to get the part, pestering him at any opportunity for a writing job at BBC Wales' Upper Boat. His work so far has been well received within the industry, and early reviews suggest that tonight's Doctor Who is magical (ouch).

Robert's involvement on "The Sarah Jane Adventures" continues - with him writing two of the series' five adventures (so four episodes in all). It'd be true to say then that the series is every much his baby as it is Russell T Davies' - after all it contains much of what makes Gareth Robert's a fantastic writer. It's fun, face paced and not afraid to tackle those soapy elements head on. Three cheers for Gareth Roberts!

You can catch Robert's "The Shakespeare Code" on BBC One tonight @ 7pm - and straight afterwards hear from the man himself on Doctor Who Confidential.
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