Sunday, April 08, 2007

Snakes On A Head

Man, I hate Sunday night television. Say what you will about Torchwood, but at least it livened up the night. Anyways, I figure I check up on all things Sarah Jane, and find an interesting e-mail (sorta) waiting for me inside my inbox; from an active source working within the Sarah Jane Adventures team. Again, I can't give names (hell, I don't even know this chap's proper name!) so you'll have to take my word on the authenticity of the source, and their position within BBC Wales.

Right, so my source says he hasn't yet managed to read any of the Sarah Jane scripts,but has heard rumblings about the series first four episodes. Obviously, because he hasn't read any official scripts he himself can't confirm any of this information - but here goes anyways (you'll have to highlight to read - POTENTIAL SPOILERS!):

"Eps 3 and 4 are going to be based in an old peoples home, so I have been told....with some nuns being involved somewhere, and the mother superior is a rather nasty gorgon type creature (is that the one?...the lady with snakes on her head)...but instead of snakes on her head, they are beams coming out of her eyes......"

I can't stress enough that none of this information is currently confirmed, and as such should be taken lightly. Sounds like a terribly interesting storyline if it does come to pass though, don't you think? More news when it comes in folks.

In other news, Gareth Robert's superb Doctor Who episode ("The Shakespeare Code") was watched by a whopping 6.8 million viewers last night; easily making it the most watched show of the night. Well done Gareth! Lets hope he brings a large chunk of that audience across to "The Sarah Jane Adventures" when it launches in September time...
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