Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sarah-Jane: Boxed Up

There's rumours that this August or September we could see a Sarah Jane Smith themed DVD boxset from the BBC and 2 Entertain. It's long been rumoured that "The Time Warrior" is heading for home DVD release in 2007, but will it be accompanied in a boxset with either "Planet of Evil" or "K9 and Company"?*


Apparently the leaked "Zeta Major" list over on Outpost Gallifrey's forum earlier this year indicated that "Warrior" and "K9/Company" would be released together some time this year - and we know already that a commentary track has been recorded for "The Time Warrior", with a possible DVD documentary in the works too...

There's also reports that a commentary has been recorded for both "Planet of the Spiders" and "Planet of Evil" so either of these could be a likely candidate for release soon. Whether or not they are released is yet to be seen! You can read all the latest DVD speculation over at Outpost Gallifrey's DVD vault forum here.

Talking about the Doctor Who DVDs, the latest release "Survival" hit shops this week and contains "Search Out Science" as a bonus feature. "S.O.S" was a children's education programme from the early 1990's, and this particular edition on the "Survival" DVD features Sylvestor McCoy and Sophie Aldred, as the Seventh Doctor and Ace respectively. But lookout, because there's a cameo on the programme by John Leeson as K9! No seriously!

"Survival" is out now priced an RRP of £19.99 (meaning you'll get it a lot cheaper in a lot of places!). The story is a typical late 1980's romp, and the rest of the special features are especially good. Worth a look, if you're into a strong, independent companion like Ace.

Still, she's got nothing on Sarah Jane Smith, has she?
*Nothing is confirmed - at the minute it's all just rumour!
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