Monday, April 16, 2007

Today's the Day...?

I've had unconfirmed reports that principle photography on the full Sarah Jane Adventures series began today in and around the Cardiff area. This contradicts other reports I've been given which suggest a 23rd April start date - but as no official source has so-far confirmed the date in which filming begins, it's all up in the air as to if filming has started.

What is known is that last Wednesday the cast met up in Cardiff city for a read through of the series' first four episodes, which comprise Adventures One and Two (which are still annoyingly untitled). I'm told that the read throughs went "as well as can be expected", and producers were surprised by how much the teenage actors had grown since last October!

The read through was also the first time that the cast met the new series regular (I've been given his name, but am sworn to secrecy - no fair!) Everybody at wants to express the new star the very best of luck in his role, and hope his settles into the NuWho universe faster than Sarah Jane can pick a lock with her sonic lipstick.

If filming has indeed started today, then once again we're back in business.
Join us for the ride, won't you?
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