Thursday, April 19, 2007

Those Pesky Nuns

The question on everybody's lips (well, that's a slight hyperbole) is whether or not the Sarah Jane Adventures series is now filming. I've not heard back from any of my sources for about a week, which suggests they're suddenly incredibly busy, with no time to write to a silly blog poster like myself! Further proof that the series is currently behind the lens...

Alice Troughton has been confirmed as directing block one - which was previously thought to be just Gareth Robert'sopening two parter, but it now looks likely that she's helming the following two parter too! The story of episodes three and four (look away spoiler-phobes!) sees Sarah and Maria investigating mysterious nun related activities...

Over on Outpost Gallifrey's forums, Ally Armitage has specualted that he saw filming taking place in Cardiff on Tuesday: "I'm pretty certain SJA were out filming Monday and Tuesday in Cardiff Castle, all the LOC signs seemed to point there. All of the usual FATTS vans and trucks were using Sophia Gardens car park as a base and I'm sure I saw the young girl who plays Maria getting into a car yesterday afternoon. Also passed the people carrier with blacked-out windows DW usually uses for transporting actors and sitting next to the driver was a woman dressed as a nun???Checked it out this morning and they seem to have moved on."

Exciting stuff, huh?

Please remember to be considerate to the cast and crew if you ever spot them out filming, because at the end of the day they've all got a job to do - and the last thing they need is an army of fans swamping all over them!

If you have any set reports (better still, photos!) email them to me here - and I'll post them online for other Sarah Jane Smith fans to enjoy and marvel at!
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