Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Your Website Needs You!

Ok you recall that something myself and jackharkness were working on a few months ago? The thing we teased you endlessly about? Well - at last - it's here!

Colin Teague, the man who has directed Torchwood and The Sarah-Jane Adventures (not to mention the third season finale of Doctor Who) has agreed to let me interview him; for you, our loyal readers!

I know what I'd like to ask him (and a lot of things I am itching to know but am positive he can't, and wont, tell me!) but it's not all up to me - which is where you lot come in!

We need questions from YOU. Easy as! Or is it? I will only be able to put a limited amount to him and need to discuss all three shows, so get your thinking caps on! Only the best and most important questions will be posted to Colin, so make sure yours is one of them!

Time is of the essence, so you've only got 'till the weekend to send your questions into the ever reliable jackharkness here. Together we'll pick a selection of the best and then I'll use them in next week's interview with Colin. Exciting stuff!

Keep your eyes out as the full interview should be up here in a few weeks time (it takes a while to get BBC approval on these things you know!) Thanks in advance to Colin, who's taking time out of his busy schedules to take part in this interview.
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