Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Librarians Have All The Fun

On OutpostGallifrey's SJA Forums, a poster called 'Stark' has reported that location scouts have just visited Cardiff Uni's Science Library, with the intention of filming inside:

Hello All,
I've just had the pleasure of escorting 2 location scouts from the BBC around Cardiff University's Science Library:

Me - "is it Dr Who?"
Scouts "no."
Me "Is it Torchwood?"
Scouts "no, but related."
Me "Ah! Sarah Jane Adventures"
Scouts "Yes."

They were looking for an old fashioned library they described as Jules Verne Esque ideally with a dome clad in copper. They have just left saying it was not ideal but its not a no, they wanted high book shelves with wooden ladders.

More info if and when it becomes available.

As television series are usually planned weeks ahead of schedule, it's possible that these scouts are looking at locations for block two of recording. Guess we'll find out soon enough.

If you're in a library around Cardiff and see suspicious activity going on, it probably means the SJA team have set up base there! Hang around disreetly, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to witness filming taking place - and then you'll be able to send us a set report here on SJ.tv.

Elsewhere, filming continues on the Bannerman Road location. Another OG user, PMount, states: "Went along to the location around lunchtime; no filming going on but a lot of security around, including Police directing traffic so clearly something was due to happen later. Sarah's car was parked at the kerb!!"

More updates when they reach us.
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