Monday, April 30, 2007

The New Guy

It's with great honour that I can now at last announce the actor who's playing Sarah Jane's new sidekick Clyde in the new "Sarah Jane Adventures" series.


I've known for a while from various sources, but have so far held off from saying because I've not wanted to put my foot in it with the BBC (contracts are a complicated thing!) Well, seen as though the actors own agents have now gone and revealed all on their website I figure it's ok for me to do the same here!

Clyde is played by a 19 year old actor called Daniel Anthony. He replaces Porsha Lawrence Mavour, who was 'relieved' from the series months ago. You can read his full CV on A&J Management's page here.
So far Daniel's career has been mostly bit parts in stuff like Eastenders and Casualty (as well as numerous voice over and theatre roles). The Sarah Jane Adventures marks his first regular role on a continuing television series.
Just a few interesting facts about the new guy. He's 5' 4" and was born on 04/10/1987. He has a full clean driver's licence and was nominated as "Villain of the Year" at the 2006 Soap Awards!

Daniel has now been working on the show for around a month - both rehearsing and recording. He's still got another gruelling 11 weeks ahead of him, but my sources indicate that he's taken very well to the series so far. Apparently he's very willing to meet fans whilst filming is taking place, and already him and Thomas Knight (who plays Luke) are becoming quite a double act!
+ wants to take the opportunity to wish him the very best of luck. You don't need it though, as you're in one of the best spin-off shows around!
Oh, and welcome to the team!
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