Sunday, May 13, 2007

Make Way For A Warrior

According to the BBFC Website, a number of special features have been cleared for the 1973 adventure "The Time Warrior". The story sees the introduction of both Sarah Jane Smith and the Sontaran race. It marked the beginning of the end of the Pertwee era.

The site indicates that the extras will include a number of new CGI sequences, a "Beginning of the End" behind the scenes documentary and a number of easter eggs. The DVD would also be the first time the story has been released in episodic format. Exciting stuff!

Of course, nothing's confirmed yet - and until it is, the DVD could still fall through. Remember "The Time Meddler" was supposed to be released in March, but has been pushed back indefinately following a mishap with the DVD commentary. In the world of 2 Entertain, anything's possible.

Keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement soon though.
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