Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Warrior Is Released...

According to BBC Shop, "The Time Warrior" will be released on DVD on September 3rd with a price tag of £19.99. No doubt you'll find it for cheaper if you shop around the internet - so get those pre-orders in! Of course, we're still waiting for 2 Entertain's official announcement...

There's also a "Key to Time" boxset announced, starring everybody's favourite metal mutt - K9! As every decent Whovian knows, the "Key to Time" sequence took place throughout the show's sixteenth season, and featured six inter-linked stories where the Doctor and his new companion Romana roamed the universe in a desperate bid to assemble the mystic 'Key to Time'.

K9 mark II made his first appearence this year - although he was noticably absent from a good few of the stories after being condemned to the TARDIS. Oh, and the less said about "The Power of Kroll" the better...

"The Key to Time" boxset is set for release on 24th September, priced at an RRP of £69.99.

In other news filming is currently taking place in and around Treforest. The next two episodes to go in front of the camera are episodes seven and eight, which form "Adventure Four" - and they focus on Sarah Jane's childhood. Says my source:

"Eps 7&8 (next to be filmed) are lovely, and a slight difference to the pace of the show... sort of in the same way that School Reunion was to Doctor Who. A really good move I think, and as it's a Sarah Jane 'Childhood' ep, it may appeal to the female audience who seek a little more to their stories than just the macho 'lets save the world' type of story.

A nice little moral attached too, which is missing in modern Childrens TV I think...(not that I watch a great deal of it, but seeing the very popular 'Tracey Beaker', with a child speaking to adults in that manner was enough to put me off.....)"

The more I hear about those episodes, the more intrigued I become!
FILMING UPDATE: On Monday night the cast and crew returned to Penarth to film scenes at Maria, Luke and Clyde's school. Today - Wednesday - they'll be filming in somewhere called Nantgarw, so if anybody can make it down there they'll get to see the SJA in action! Thanks to Scooty for the head's up.
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