Friday, June 29, 2007

Make Series 2 Possible!

Ok, so I know we haven't seen series 1 yet, but this article in the Independent, suggests that some original output from Aunty Beeb may be in peril! If this is the case, is a second series in jeopardy? To make sure we are in no danger of missing out, tune in this Autumn (as best we know) and make SJA a huge ratings success, to give us a second, third maybe even fourth series!

Also, Sarah-Jane is among the rumoured guests on the 'oh crikey who the dickens will Martha get help from' list this week. Will the Sonic Lipstick be the thing to restore the Doctor back to looking 36 again? Also on the list of potential returnees are Rose, The Judoon, a past Captain Jack (don't ask .. timey wimey stuff) and .. um ... Leo. Or it could be none of them!

Be behind your sofa's at 7.05 tomorrow to find out!

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