Friday, June 29, 2007

The Final Stretch

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has a complete list of all the writers and directors working on the first series of CBBC's "The Sarah Jane Adventures". As we revealed last month, Executive Producer Russell T Davies won't be scripting any episodes of the show, but you can expect to see all these guys and gals work sometime later in the year:
EPISODES ONE/TWO: Gareth Roberts (writer); Alice Troughton (director)
EPISODES THREE/FOUR: Phil Ford (writer); Alice Troughton (director)
EPISODES FIVE/SIX: Phil Gladwin (writer); Charles Martin (director)
EPISODES SEVEN/EIGHT: Gareth Roberts (writer); Graeme Harper (director)
EPISODES NINE/TEN: Phil Ford (writer); Charles Martin (director)
Russell T Davies does, however, find time to comment on the progress being made within the series. "Production on Sarah Jane has been a joy," He comments to DWM "And it's amazing to think we're now in the final stretch of filming - though with a long way to go. But with great scripts and wonderful guest stars such as Jane Asher and Phyllida Law, the series is looking very exciting. Transmission is roughly scheduled for the autumn, though as ever, these plans change. But we've already seen the edits for Episodes 1 and 2, and we're delighted with the end result, and can't wait for you to see it."
Roll on September folks!
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