Monday, July 02, 2007

Planetary Performance

A bit of news that I missed the other day, from inside the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. It seems that the 1975 adventure "Planet of Evil" starring Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith has now been confirmed for release on Monday 15th October.

The adventure, which features Louis "Blink" Mahoney in a small speaking role has been likened to last season's two part adventure "The Satan Pit", as both feature mysteriously dark alien forces living deep down within the planet's surface. Naturally, in both adventures, the Doctor just can't resist the urge to go down and investigate.

Extras on the "Planet of Evil" DVD release include a featurette on the Philip Hinchcliffe years entitled "Hidden Hinchcliffe", a documentary on the making of the story ("A Darker Side"), another featurette entitled "Planetary Performance - acting in Doctor Who", and a cast commentary too (which should include both Sladen and Baker).

With "Planet..." set for an early October release, and "Invasion of the Bane" following at Halloween it'll be a busy time for fans of Sladen's Sarah Jane (especially so for their wallets and purses!) Still, both releases will help to promote the current "Sarah Jane Adventures" due to be airing on CBBC at that time.
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