Monday, July 09, 2007

Audio Madness

As filming on "The Sarah Jane Adventures" continues in secret around the back corners of Cardiff there's been very little Sarah Jane news to report. Guess we'll have to wait to late August for the onslaught of media attention to upon the series again. Yes, you heard me right; late August.
Various sources are telling me that the series is in fine shape, and ready to launch mid-September, when all the little kiddies are back at school. This is by no means a 'fixed' date, but it's looking more and more likely that the series will hit our screens sometime before September is out.
Elsewhere, and a series of SJA audio books will launch on November 5th. Read by Elisabeth Sladen, they're single disk CDs that offer listens the chance to hear "missing" adventures from the series. The first two titles announced are "The Thirteenth Stone" and "The Golden Storm". You can read a synopsis of both adventures below:
"The Thirteenth Stone"
Whilst helping out on a school trip, Sarah Jane discovers the truth behind the legend of an ancient stone circle. Something is trying to escape from one of the stones – and it’s chosen Luke as the way out! Can Sarah, Clyde and Maria save him?
"The Golden Storm"
When patients at a London clinic begin to act strangely, Sarah Jane’s suspicions are aroused. Luke falls prey to the clinic’s sinister agenda, Maria and Clyde are pursued through London by a golden battle machine, and Sarah discovers a plot to harvest all the gold from Earth - at a terrible cost to the planet!
The BBC have also announced further releases in their classic audio range. Three more Target novelisations are set to hit CD later in the year - and two of them feature Sarah Jane Smith! "The Dinosaur Invasion", based upon the 1973 story "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" by Malcolm Hulke, will be read aloud by Martin Jarvis. The adventure, from Jon Pertwee's final season, sees Dinosaurs roaming the streets of london - in an attempt to return Earth to its 'golden age'.
The second Sarah-Jane featured audio is based upon "Robot", Tom Baker's debut which hit DVD only last month. The adventure will be read by Tom Baker himself, and goes under the name of "Doctor Who and the Giant Robot". The third CD is "The Curse of Peladon" starring both Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning.
Not long to wait now. Once the pesky summer holidays are out of the way we'll have Sarah Jane back on our screens once more. Hands up, who can't wait?


Peter Pan said...

Beat me to posting this news by 6 minutes! LOL

Paul: Earth Defence said...

Yaay! A new post!

I'll probably get "The Golden Storm." I'm intrigued by the gold battle machine.