Wednesday, June 20, 2007

That Waistcoat Suits You

At last! For the first time since New Years Day we have a brand spanking new (and official) photograph of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" direct from BBC Wales themselves. The production team have just released a promotional postcard celebrating the series - with an announcement that it'll debut sometime in September. Hooray!
In other (but no less exciting news) there's several rumours floating around the internet that "Adventure One" of the SJA series proper has a title at last. According to some sites, the story - by Gareth Roberts - will be called "Stuff of Nightmares". Although, and I can't stress this enough, I've no way to validate the rumours, so for all I know it's a bunch of old cobblers.
My advice? Take with a pinch of salt until an official announcement (most likely in Doctor Who Magazine) is made. The internet's a crazy place; and some of the people who write on it are even crazier. Just look at peter_pan - he's as crazy as can be.
But don't let that put you off; he's a cuddly bear really (I think...)
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