Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Novel Idea

Thanks to OutpostGallifrey for the heads up, we've now learnt that a series of Sarah Jane Adventures novels are set to be released later on in the year. According to this page over at Amazon we know that one of the four planned books will be a novelisation of the New Year's Day special, "Invasion of the Bane".

It's not known if the remaining three books will be further novelisations, or original prose fiction. The books are released by Penguin Character Books Ltd, and are roughly 130 pages in length. The set is due to hit book stores ahead of the year's Christmas rush, on November 1st. The first book is available to pre-order via this link.

More news on this exciting book project whenever it becomes available. In the meantime, it's back to sitting around waiting for any potential SJA filming news. Come on guys, give us something to talk about...!

Pretty please?
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