Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An Official-Unofficial?

Just having a gander at an interview with Julie Gardner over at If Magazine and found she has this to say about SJA....

iF: You just wrapped the first season filming of THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, but will she cross back into DOCTOR WHO?

GARDNER: I don’t think so. I mean we want to do more Sarah Jane, and we’re very much hoping that Elisabeth Sladen will come back for more and we’ll start developing season two very soon.

So there we are .. looks like we do have a second season to look forward to ..... crumbs, we havent even seen the first one yet!
JACK UPDATE: I've heard from various sources that a second season might not be so much plain sailing after all. In fact, the omens aren't quite in the SJA's favour right now. Lets hope several 'issues' can be resolved, and we can enjoy the SJA beyond 2007!
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