Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Friends of Sarah Jane

Technology has moved on a long way since 1973, when journalist Sarah Jane Smith was still typing away on her faithful typewriter. Today people are busy communicating online, via social networking sites like Facebook. In an attempt to stay 'hip' and 'down with it' (I am, you know...) I've added Sarah-Jane.tv (along with sister site Torchwood.tv) onto Facebook's 'Group' section.

The group, called dot/TV, is an area for Sarah Jane fans ("Smithies") to chat and share their opinions about all things SJA, via a handy discussion board where you can also leave news updates that I might have otherwise overlooked.

At the moment the group is pretty basic, with only a handful of members - but it'll be updated over the coming weeks, so leave your suggestions!

You can visit the group (and join it) by clicking here. You'll need a Facebook account, so go get yourself one right now!

Happy online adventures!
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