Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Off Into Space

I'll let you in on a secret; years ago I used to buy pretty much every cult magazine going, from Starburst through to TV Zone. It wasn't a nasty habit, but it sure did dig deep into my wallet! These days I limit myself to just two; Doctor Who Magazine (more on that tomorrow) and SFX. Unless, of course, there's coverage of Doctor Who - or indeed, The Sarah Jane Adventures...

The latest issue of TV Zone (#220) features an interview with Elisabeth Sladen, and a thorough look behind the scenes of the SJA. Sladen reveals that it was, infact, her that suggested setting the first new adventure inside a school - as it would leave Sarah Jane on edge, and clearly out of her element.

"I said, 'Well, she's used to aliens, she's not used to the kids at school;' and that's where we're going with this one. She's trying to be what she calls normal - it can never be normal, but she wants to bring Luke up in the most normal way she's capable of, so it's a really genuinely realistic low key start."

There's also a sneak peek at what's to come:

1: Revenge of the Slitheen

The new school year begins for Sarah's 'son' Luke, and the teachers are suspiciously chubby...

2: Eye of the Gorgon

Set in an old people's home, the second story involves sinister nuns and has a ghost story feel... "Yeah, and dungeons," says Elisabeth Sladen. "It's cool, that one - it's nice working with cold slimy brick. And cob-webs." A full-on creepy ghost story feel then? "Yes, I think it really is."

3: Warriors of the Kudlax

Next up is that old Doctor Who favourite - stomping militaristic monsters. "Yeah, you've got it," Sladen confirms. "And they weren't green screen. It's a new monster, and we're off into space in that one. The boys loved that one, they really did."

4: Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane?

We learn the secrets of Sarah's pre-Doctor past, discovering what made her into a journalist, and one with an interest in the bizarre. There is however one significant omission - Sarah Jane's aunt and guardian Lavinia, played by the late Mary Wimbush in k9 and Company. "No, she's not mentioned. I suppose it's irrelevant. There's only so much you can do."

5: The Lost Boy

And the season finale takes us back to Luke's origins as an artificial creation, and you shouldn't think we learnt all about it in Invasion of the Bane. "Yes, there's a lot more," Sladen reveals, "a lot more than that. It's quite mulit-dimensional that one. You've got a lot to think of, his past life, this life, things like that."

The interview and behind the scenes coverage continue next week, within the latest TV Zone Special issue. It's dedicated to the new Autumn season, and is priced £5.99. Meanwhile this latest regular issue is out now priced £3.99. Thanks to the TV Zone team for the coverage.

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