Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Quizmaster

The official Doctor Who site confirms that following the broadcast of "Revenge of the Slitheen - Part One" next Monday fans will be invited to press the red button to take a mini quiz, consisting of 10 multi-choice questions - set by the Mr. Smith computer! The quiz will "challenge viewers to test their skills". 'Nuff said!

Another set of challenges will be made available after episode seven has aired in November.

Sticking with the Doctor Who site, and Russell T Davies features in a mini interview where he talks about the SJA and why he thought to bring Sarah Jane Smith back in the first place: "Can you believe it's 34 years since we first saw Sarah Jane Smith on screen? And there's still so much to learn about the character. She's got a family now, which means carrying on the Doctor's legacy but having to look after others. Of course, the character's longevity is in no small part down to the brilliant Lis Sladen who knows Sarah Jane inside out, but the whole cast is amazing. And I can promise long-term fans of the show a few cheeky nods to the past."

One of those cheeky nods can be seen in the latest series trailer doing the rounds on the BBC at all hours. Spoilerphobes, now would be a good time to look away if you don't want the surprise ruined. Still with me? Good. The "Whatever Happened to Sarah-Jane?" adventure will feature a return appearence by the Graske; who appeared in a special red button episode of Doctor Who way back in 2005 (seems a lifetime ago now...). Check out screencaps from the new trailer here.

All hail the marvellous Jimmy Vee!

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