Thursday, September 20, 2007

Never Forgotten

Sarah Jane Smith - "Oh, but you were never forgotten. Never. What I saw that day, it changed me forever. I saw how precious life is. And it made me fight to defend it, across all these years. Because of you..."

The above quote comes from the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (for it is that time of the month) which previews The Sarah Jane Adventures series! On hand are both co-creators, Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts, to talk us through the new children's series, and tease about what we can expect over the next 10 weeks...

"I was worried that the SJA stories would be a bit small-scale," Russell T Davies reveals, "but actually, they've become epics! There's even a threat to the Doctor himself at one stage. That got a big 'Oooh' in the readthrough! In fact, Julie [Gardner] decided very early on that the Doctor should be mentioned at least once in every adventure, cos it gives Sarah's life such extraordinary context."

"Daniel Anthony is absolutely spot-on as Clyde..." Gareth Roberts says of the SJA's new co-star, "I really believe [casting director] Andy Pryor's got us the best young actors in the country. And Joseph Millson and Julie Cowan are fab as Alan and Chrissie.. there's some astonishing stuff for them in Phil Ford's Gorgon episodes."

But what of the monsters? Davies tells us some more about what to expect, "Monsters from Doctor Who's past. Deadly mega-wattage devices. The return of the Graske! And new creatures - the very evil Trickster and a terrfying Kudlax. Trips into Outer Space, and to 1964. Kids in danger, and great big childhood fears like Things Falling From The Sky manifesting themselves."

"Expect something new and fabulous," Gareth Roberts concludes, "We've been very strong with emotions. Somehow the format lends itself to it, and so does Lis - she made us laugh and cry back in her days on Doctor Who, even when there was nothing in the script to warrant it. So let's use her full potential as an actress, which is considerable."

The magazine goes on to preview all five of Sarah Jane's upcoming adventures:

Revenge of the Slitheen
It's Maria and Luke's first day at their new school. But something's not right...

Eye of the Gorgon
Sarah Jane and the gang investigate sightings of a ghostly nun at a nursing home, uncovering a dark secret.

Warriors of Kudlak
Sarah Jane's hunt for a missing teenager reveals a connection with a laser-tag centre named Combat 3000

Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
Maria's world is turned upside down when she awakes one day to discover that no one has heard of Sarah Jane or Luke...

The Lost Boy
A normal day on Bannerman Road is shattered by a TV news announcement.

The news section confirms that "Invasion of the Bane" will be released on DVD on October 29, priced £12.99. It also corrects some information regarding the Sarah Jane novelisations that we wrote about last month. The books will not be written by Gareth Roberts as first though. Oh no... they've gone one better and hired Target's old hand Terrance Dicks!

Dicks writes the novelisation for "Invasion of the Bane". Rupert Laight is on writing duties for "Revenge of the Slitheen", whilst Phil Ford adapts his own adventure, "Eye of the Gorgon". Upper Boat script editor Gary Russell is to helm the "Warriors of the Kudlax" book. No news on the final two adventures yet.

As September sees the release of the 100th Big Finish audio release, Doctor Who Magazine interviews Nicholas Briggs about the range - which of course includes two whole series worth of Sarah Jane Smith; the audio series that Elisabeth Sladen voiced back in 2002 and 2006. You can read more about the SJS series by clicking here. It's place in canon (after both School Reunion and now The Sarah Jane Adventures) is unclear, however.

There's also a preview of October's "Planet of Evil" DVD release. The package includes a documentary where then-producer Philip Hinchcliffe revisits Ealing Studies where the impressive jungle scenes were filmed, and talking head interviews with Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen, who look back at the filming of the episodes. "Planet of Evil" is released on DVD on October 15th.

Finally (work commitments permitting) Elisabeth Sladen is a guest at November's "The Monster Memorabilia" show, at the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool. Other guests include Colin Baker, and the Brigadier himself - Nicholas Courtney! Oh, and did I mention that K9 (aka John Leeson) is also booked to appear?! The ticket hotline is 01773 819319, and you can find information on other guests (Sophie Aldred! Frazer Hines!!) by clicking here.

Doctor Who Magazine issue 387 also features interviews with Catherine Tate, aka new girl Donna Noble, and the guys from 2 Entertain - who release all of the Doctor Who DVDs! You can pick up the issue at newsagents everywhere now priced a modest £3.99. Happy times and places!!
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